Blast off to learning at Nikou Learning Center Westerville Dempsey Rd!

Nikou Learning Center on Dempsey road is an out of this world daycare!  Your child will explore an outer space themed world of learning which includes:

  • A clean, safe and fully modern learning environment
  • Huge indoor playground with a space age soft, safe floor
  • Dedicated cafeteria
  • Amazing space theme throughout the facility
  • Private, safe and fun playground
  • Special private toddler playground

The preschool philosophy of Nikou Learning Center is to provide a developmentally appropriate program for young children that fosters the whole child concept, respects each child as an individual and stimulates a child’s natural interest in, and enjoyment of, learning.
Our long-term program goals include helping children:

  • To become creative, independent thinkers;
  • To feel competent, productive and self-reliant, as well as fostering good self-esteem and a sense of self worth;
  • To develop a sense of responsibility for their own mental and physical health;
  • To understand that they are a part of a diverse, multicultural global community and that their actions influence the quality of that community;
  • To foster the value that many kinds of intelligence – linguistic, logical/mathematical, musical, physical, spatial and personal – are valuable and important to our community; and,
  • To encourage the development of higher moral reasoning, helping children to develop into adults with an internalized code of ethics and principles.

Our Curriculum

My child has been here for 1 year and is only 3 years old. The teachers regularly gies me information about activities and how my child is doing. My child has really improved in social and cognitive skills. 10/10


My child is only 18 months old and been here for a year and a half. I love the teachers!  They interact great with all the toddlers and they are always pleasant and helpful. 10/10 My daughter loves her teachers.

Pamela Vincent

My 2 children have only been going here for 2 months and I already see a big improvement on their skills. The services is great and I think each teacher is doing their best as my kids are learning many things especially I think the teachers love them and go beyond teaching. 12/10

Lorena Bautista

I have 3 children enrolled here and my children and progressing very well and I am always kept up on my child's progress each day by them and by the teachers. 10/10

K. Parrish

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